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Abstaining from the utilization of Lipodrene is the only real way to prevent the risk of serious side effects fully. Confer with your physician before making use of Lipodrene, particularly if you suffer from a long-term health problem such as hypertension or cardiovascular illness. When taking Lipodrene, start with the lowest effective dosage and avoid combining it with additional stimuli, such as caffeine.

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Ephedrine is really a natural material present in plants. Ephedrine could be the principal active ingredient in ephedra giving its amphetaminelike properties to the material. In accordance with "Integrative Medicine," ephedra extract has a stimulant effect on your body's nervous system and heart similar to that of amphetamines. Both amphetamine and ephedrine extract increases heart rate and your blood pressure, give you energy and decrease appetite.


Ephedra shouldn't be taken by you if you have diabetes, anxiety, psychiatric disorders, high blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma, depression, thyroid disorders, prostate enlargement, difficulty urinating or impaired circulation of the brain. Common side effects connected with the use of ephedrine include anxiety, nausea, kidney stones, tremors, high blood pressure, nervousness and sleeping problems. Probably the most serious side effects associated with ephedrine extract are heart attacks and strokes.

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In 2004, vitamin supplements containing ephedrine extract were prohibited in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration following studies that showed an excessive risk of serious side effects, including lethal cardiovascular issues. In line with the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, this prohibition will not extend to conventional Chinese treatments or teas that contain ephedrine when they are regulated like standard foods.

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